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is our electronics shop brand, business identity in Dubai electronics market, where traders can reach us for business. We are operating Magnit in Dubai since November 2017 and involved professional sales agents to our business in this region. With us trading process is quite easy as you can easily contact to the sales team of Magnit in any way that you wish to place your order. Once your order has been received by our sales team, they will be responsibly following up with your order until it reaches to you. Furthermore, We have been planning to open more shops under Magnit brand in the UAE as well as in other regions respectively.

Premier Electronics

is our own proudly launched production line, targeted to produce consumer electronics products. We began our production business in 0000 and have been continuously widening our business scale in term of product range as well as improving quality of our products to be competitive enough in the market. Initially, we penetrated into the consumer electronics market, with our TV products and quickly expanded our product range after the successful launch and warm acceptance our Premier brand publicly.

Currently, we have been researching with our team to manufacture wider range of consumer electronics products at the reasonable price, as well as seeking more opportunities to promote our brand to the other regions nearby as a part of corporate vision of Amir Group FZCO.

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